We need your help!

Icky Sticky Cake is a small husband and wife run team with great visions of expansion. 

We started the business after being faced with redundancy while teaching in the catering and hospitality industry at a local college. Having traded for just over 4 years in local artisan markets and food festivals we have started small and invested heavily into our newly refurbished bespoke bakery. For the last 12 months we have leased our equipment and now have the opportunity to purchase it outright. 

So how would you play a part and what would this achieve? 

Basically we need all the help we can to buy into our vision – and in return try some of our great rewards. 

Over the last 12 months we have had on-going conversations with a major national distributor who supply to around 90% of food outlets nationwide. They are keen to bring our products to a much wider audience on a national level. The upshot of this is that we are currently working our way through the Local supplier framework paperwork for accreditation, (SALSA). Once completed, we will be able to put forward our product range and commence with start dates and get approval of product listings. 

Cutting to the chase, basically we will be unable to complete all levels of work unless we create employment – and what better way to do so than to look at reducing the homeless cycle. 

Once we have purchased the necessary equipment and completed the audit paperwork we are aiming to offer a paid job to a homeless person. Through tax breaks, we hope to provide accommodation, access to counselling (should it be required), registering with a GP and dentist and provide training for their role. Should they wish to move on at any point they are welcome to do so, and as the business grows, we will look to take further homeless people on board for roles in our business.

Small steps, but life changing!

To achieve all of this, we need to achieve our funding target. The funding will pay directly for the equipment and the audit process. Everything over and above our target will go towards speeding up the process of securing the work to create employment for our projected homeless employees.

Thank you from us all at Icky Sticky HQ! 

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